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Hello! I’m Kelsey; a 22 23 24 25-year-old food science graduate student candy technologist (!) with an unhealthy obsession for everything pink, chocolate, and Parisian. I cannot stop collecting fantastic books and recipes; nor can I stop analyzing them to figure out what makes them tick.

Food has always been special to me since birth. This was apparent at my high school graduation party when 80% of the pictures showcased me admiring a meal. Since my first messy experience with cake as a toddler, I have become more interested in what food was and why it was so delicious.

Food science is something I think about every time I look at food. It’s become second nature to see a cookie and recognize that the combination of many complex reactions created the texture, taste, color, and aroma that manifests itself like magic as a simple cookie. I’ve discovered that food and ingredients camouflage themselves to the world as being utterly easy when they are anything but.

This blog is dedicated to the exploration of fantastic food with a little scientific jargon and personal style thrown in for good measure.

Because food undergoes an innumerable amount of reactions throughout a recipe, each post will focus on a reaction that causes the foremost aroma, flavor, or texture in the final product. Or, I might talk about the science of an ingredient or one particular interaction. Obviously there are many many things going on when you prepare food–even when you’re cutting an onion–so I won’t attempt to explain everything. That would just get boring. Additionally, if (and when) a reaction is used again in new recipes following the original post, I will have a super-brief refresher of the term and what may be different about that particular recipe along with a link to the original posting of the reaction.

PS you may also be wondering why the blog has peas as a focus in the title in addition to science. Even though I love all sweet things, peas are even more addicting to me. I eat them fresh, frozen, pureed, freeze-dried, and canned—surprisingly my favorite. (I know, I’m weird)

Favorite scientific reactions:

Maillard Browning—responsible for such gems as browned butter and toast!

Starch gelatinization—a key component to the structure of most baked goods and why they are so wonderful straight out of the oven…(starch gelation is the little bugger that make them not so great after cooling)

Photography:As of right now, I only have my wonderful iPhone to take pictures. But, you can view some more photos at my VSCO grid.


Press and Freelance

You can also read more from me on other sites–ranging from the science-y to the food-y, and everything in between. Enjoy! If you’d like to work with me, email me at appeasingafoodgeek@gmail.com


  1. Judy
    September 1

    Love your blog

  2. Jacalyn Miller
    September 21

    Awesome Site!

  3. Lizz
    November 11

    Love it! Keep it up, official follower :)

    • Kelsey
      November 11

      Thanks Lizz! That means a lot!

  4. Lisa
    April 29

    Kelsey –
    I just came across your blog and am impressed by all you have pulled together and all you have yet to do! Would love to see more science on your blog…

    • Kelsey
      April 29

      Dr. Mauer,
      Thank you so much! Your comment means a lot. I will have a few posts coming up that are a little more science-based, so stay tuned! I hope all is well over there in Indiana.

  5. Tom Moe
    January 6

    Kelsey, I have been meaning to read your blog for a while now, it gets great reviews. I just read your Wednesday Wine blog and I a) loved that you paired a great everyday wine, the Darkhorse, with your offering, b) you paired it with such a wonderful array (flavor and texture) of foods! I often read articles etc where the subject is a rather pricey French Or Napa label that while I am sure is excellent is not something most people would drink on a Wednesday watching Willie Wanka and the Chicolate Factory. Great idea! I will be following you and looking forward to the next installment. Oh and anytime you want to tour my wine cellar and make suggestions on pairings you and your folks have a standing invite. All the best, cousin Tom

    • Kelsey
      January 7

      Thank you so much Tom! I really appreciate that! And I will definitely take you up on that wine cellar offer 😉 Kelsey

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